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Jul 13, 2021

Pampa? What?

I'm guessing you have a question mark in your eyes right now. Otherwise, it is because you have most likely already succumbed to the charms of the pretty ones pampas. No need to googling that word at lightning speed like I did when I first heard that word. I'll show them to you there.

Decorative element

In fact, you probably already know her. It reveals its strengths to us in many settings. It has literally been everywhere around the globe in homes but also in public and commercial spaces for the past few years. In our homes, on a bedside table, a sideboard, a table or in a corner of the living room. It can be hung on the wall as wall art as a photograph or painting. It decorates certain events wonderfully, I am thinking of receptions, weddings. Sometimes she presents herself as a big star, sometimes she is more discreet. In either case, it rarely leaves us indifferent.

vase pampas, art mural pampas

Instagram source: @ cin.lev

Pampas grass

The pampas is an ornamental plant. We find it in nature as a perennial plant in the order of grasses. Its durability and beauty make it very decorative in our gardens, even in winter. In Quebec, it is at its peak during the fall but remains very beautiful even under a cover of snow. The lightness of its feather duster catches the eye.

pampas neige

Source: Pixabay

Pampas grass is a plant native to South America. Commonly referred to as a feathered reed.

In dried form, its thin stem, long, light and airy plume makes it very elegant when presented in a vase. Its fluffy tufts of soft colors are available in natural, white, gray, pink.

Herbe de la pampas

Source: pixabay

Trend of the hour?

Some will tell you that this is the trend to adopt in your decor.

Personally, I don't adopt a decorating trend because it's a fashion. It is never a fleeting choice. You may already know it but I have a 'mini-wheat' side, on the one hand I have an interest in minimalism and on the other my artistic side makes me like beautiful things, the beautiful living spaces. My concern for the environment means that if I choose a decorative element, it must last over time.

pampas, art mural, fleurs séchées, oiseau du paradis

Instagram source: @ cin.lev

I am in love with the changes of seasons, especially autumn, with nature and the great outdoors. The lightness, the fluidity, the soft and neutral color of the pampas is therefore for me a perfect match. I could not help but adopt it at home, to bring a part of nature into my home.

Where are they found?

In the form of dried flowers:

At florists:

Near my home in Quebec I think of Folia Design and Floralies of Youth.


Sales site online global showcase featuring the handcrafted and vintage creations of artisans from around the globe. That's 40 million users and 1 million sellers. I myself am a fan of this form of commerce, having my own online store on this platform.


I have local buying tattooed on my heart, but Amazon remains an attractive option for some purchases and for convenience. For the pampas it is sometimes possible to find some. 

At the nursery:

It is possible to get a seedling of this perennial ornamental plant (several species) or if you are more patient, get the seeds and plant them.

In wall art

The light, airy shape of the pampas was obviously a source of artistic inspiration. It comes in several watercolors in my collection available here. 

It’s all well and good, but is it for my decor?

Does the pampas make your heart vibrate? Never mind. It will adapt to many styles. It brings softness to the decorations. Its neutral colors make it match our wall colors easily.

Sometimes rural, sometimes modern ...

art mural pampas

Instagram source: @our_canadian_cabin

Pale wall?

The feather dusters will give a little bohemian, a little rustic look. They will bring a warm aspect.

Dark wall?

Golden feather duster will look great with vintage furniture or darker colors. An interesting contrast effect.

At home, I have a Scandinavian-style decor, a bit bohemian, a little rustic-chic. I adopted a bunch of a few pampas stems. 

DIY project

Yes, you can make your own bouquet. If you have beautiful grassy perennials at home, why not save a few stems for a little bit of nature indoors during the winter months? #hygge

A little advice, take your gardening gloves and do not do like me, the long stems and leaves are quite sharp even though they seem harmless at first glance. Haha!

  • In the garden, bring your pruning shears and carefully choose your stems and dusters that are free from diseases and insects.
  • Be aware that some plants can reach a good size say 2-3 meters, depending on the look you want, cut the stem to the desired length.
  • Prepare your bouquets by removing the foliage and simply tied a few stems together with natural rope such as jute.
  • In a well-ventilated room with low humidity and out of direct sunlight (dark room if possible), tie your bouquet upside down and hang it for about 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Some suggest adding a little hair fixer (hairspray) to preserve the feather duster.


So tell me, have you succumbed to the charms of the pampas? If so in the form of a flower arrangement or wall art?

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