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Deco and design passion

It's no secret, but if you're discovering me for the first time, I'm an illustrator. I am in love with uncluttered and minimalist spaces. I am also passionate about decor, what is aesthetic, bright and harmonious. 

Instagram source: @our_canadian_cabin 

Minimalism at home

I am convinced that we must avoid accumulating objects that weigh down a room. If our space is filled with things that accumulate dust, which no longer serve, which we keep just in case and which no longer give us any joy, as suggested Marie kondo, it is very likely that decluttering is beneficial. Moreover, the minimalist current suggests to make room in our house by reducing our material possessions and at the same time, this liberation should lighten our spirit. By keeping only the essentials that give us happiness and satisfaction, by working less and thus being able to enjoy the present moment and indulge in the activities that really matter.

I'm putting decluttering at home into practice, I still have a lot of work to do and it's far from perfect. However, I stop keeping items that are no longer needed, just in case. If anything comes in, other things have to come out.


Branches d'eucalyptus

Instagram source: @Cynthiartetc

Live with less

We hear more and more about the minimalist trend, of living on less. This way of life can also take many forms. I don't believe there is a perfect, set in stone definition. We must avoid comparing ourselves and putting pressure on ourselves. You just have to find your own balance according to your convictions, values and needs in a harmonious way. If you are interested in this current, you have to know how to dive into it at your own pace at the risk of becoming discouraged, this path should not follow a fad. This will be different from person to person and that’s correct. If this current doesn't speak to you, that's okay.

Personal reflection on overconsumption

For my part, I am more and more interested in overconsumption. I ask myself the question "do I really need it?". If the answer is yes, what will this purchase do for me? Is it really necessary for my happiness? Will it be fleeting or Will it make me happy for a long time? Can I find it elsewhere than new (loan, second-hand)?

Personal example, I will buy new when I need to renew my artistic material. Buying this property allows me to indulge my passion and will therefore contribute to my personal development. This purchase is consistent with my values. I do not consider myself a "materialist" because in my definition of happiness, this acquisition will benefit my mind and my well-being.


Peindre à l'aquarelle


Instagram source: @cynthiartetc

Follow your own path

By taking inspiration from the people around me, by reading about the subject and also by being an artist and becoming an entrepreneur, I became interested not only in the minimalism trend, but also naturally in local buying. Maybe like you, the world situation has opened my eyes a little more to the need to encourage local people. My thinking on the subject began long before, but the pandemic has reinforced this ideology. I will share my thoughts on this topic with you in a future article.

Minimalist decoration

It may seem contradictory, but it is not because we want to declutter our home, to purify our life to make it softer or for environmental reasons that we must necessarily curb our desires in terms of decoration.

I believe that we should not hesitate to reveal our personality in our little cocoon, to add small touches of color and to highlight our favorite objects. There are such things that stand the test of time when carefully chosen. Art is definitely one of them.

A life without art (in all its forms) would be a very sad life, wouldn't it?

Our home is our sanctuary, the place where we spend a lot of time especially in these days. It is all the more important that our living environment reflects our image. Where we live has an impact on our morale. No need to live in a castle! Beyond the decorations and the size of our house, the important thing is that our home reflects our personality. When our house is in line with our values, our tastes and our passions, we really feel at home.


Chambre des maîtres, décoration boho chic
 Instagram source: @cassandralemay


Sometimes (often) my house is in a mess being a full time mompreneur / home mum of 2 gorgeous 2 year old and 3 ½ year old girls. Between mothers, we understand each other, a house organized and tidy at all times, it's quite utopian, isn't it? That said, I believe that it is possible to have a certain zenitude when our home is in our image, that it is not too overloaded.


Le bonheur se multiplie, enfants, bébés, doux moments

 Instagram source: @cynthiartetc
As an artist, I am dreamy and contemplative. It's only natural for me to have a few objects or photographs that remind me of a trip, a picture that I painted hanging on the walls of my house. Nothing like getting lost for a few moments in the object in question and feeling good, forgetting all the chaos on the floor! hihi.


My art style 

When I thought about the choice of illustrations I wanted to offer to young families, it was obvious that I had to offer watercolors that would be timeless, minimalist and soft. I didn't want to go into too much detail, other than the subject. It is often found in the center, surrounded by white. My deep desire was that toddlers could be in touch with art from an early age. The subject had to be interesting for the child but at the same time not be too childish, so that the illustration could follow the child for a long time. In fact, many watercolors will appeal to adults.

 chambre de bébé thématique fleurs, botanique, oiseau du paradis

Instagram source: @axgiard_

My dream was for the illustration to be somehow scalable, just change the framing if there was a need for a change and it could adapt to multiple settings.

I am sensitive to the beauty of life, of the nature that surrounds us. I like to create with my own hands and I found it important to be able to make art accessible to everyone. If my illustrations can create little smiles, I consider art to be one of the simplest pleasures.

Illustration arc-en-ciel, oiseau du paradis

Instagram source: @axgiard_


I would like to know does the minimalist current speak to you? If so, are you in the process? 

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