2 years of Sofia, a simple party decoration

Jul 23, 2021
Sofia turned 2 a month ago. Two years that have tumbled so fast. Our youngest has overcome two great trials since birth. She never ceases to impress us with her strength and courage. A playful, adorable, intelligent little girl who develops an incredible bond with her big sister, 18 months her senior. 



Our perfect little one with an imperfect heart. I'll tell you our little story in another article. 

A second birthday during such a special time, but I still wanted to make a little birthday decoration for her in the house with ease with a theme that she has enjoyed for a long time.

Farm animals and children

mini-ferme : les bébés vaches

Last summer, I went regularly with the girls to the Agricultural City in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures in the suburbs of Quebec located 5 minutes from home. A pleasant place, as much for toddlers as for older ones.

Mini-ferme : les poules et les cochons

It is interesting for us adults to discover this fruit and vegetable vegetable farm which highlights biodiversity and permaculture. 

For children, the mini-farm is a must. It is possible to meet the friendly goats, calves or pigs there. They can also meet free-range hens there and collect eggs in the hen house.

Like her big sister, Sofia has been very impressed with everything that has touched the farm for a long time, she loves it. Besides, she is very happy to be going to see the chickens for some time at Grandma's and Grandpa's!

poullailler et poule rousse

Choosing a party theme that touched on the farming world was therefore a guaranteed success for his 2 years.

Minimalist birthday decor  

I'm an artist so it was a pleasure for me to create a cute and playful little birthday decoration for my daughter. On the other hand, I wanted to make it simple and use elements that we already had with a few small exceptions. I intended to spend as little as possible and use as few single-use items as possible.

Hassle-free decorating tips

Tip # 1 - Collect items your mini loves

Choose a theme according to your interests. There is definitely an object or toy that belongs to your child that could be a great starting point for inspiration. You don't have to spend long hours looking for an idea to decorate a children's party. No need to pressure yourself. The idea is to have something beautiful that will make him smile.

For my part, I think and put together a party decoration because I enjoy doing it.

For Sofia's birthday, I used the animals from the German company Schleich which are part of the children's toys. They are very realistic and playful figurines, they have a little educational side and they are toys that will follow children for a long time in their evolution. Then, these are such beautiful and quality animals that can be acquired second-hand. Love at first sight for another child.

Here I used two horses, and I also had a chicken coop set, with a hen, nest and eggs and rooster.

figurines d'animaux de la ferme Schleich

Tip # 2 - Reuse decorative items you have at home

I moved my 10x10 inch black letterhead bulletin board which is normally used as a decorative element in my coffee shop. I bought it from Dollorama. I moved my pampas vase and my little sansevière to add a touch of nature to the festive decoration. I reused a mini porcelain ramekin to make a hen figurine stand. I also had a beautiful glass vial on a golden support with cuttings for plants bought from The Simons House that I temporarily upgraded to a straw holder. I took a photo frame that I was using as a decoration in my older bedroom's bedroom to temporarily use it for the birthday poster.

Tip # 3 - Make your decoration in DIY mode (Do it Yourself)

If you're interested, try to achieve as much as possible on your own.

As I am an illustrator it is easy for me to take care of making some watercolors to decorate the birthday decoration. In my collection several illustrations are farm animals (red hen, pink pig, highland cow and even a tractor). Visit the collection here.

So I wanted to create a personalized poster for Sofia for her 2th birthday. A little nod to what she likes, what she's capable of doing, her favorite toys, her current song depicted on this poster, among others. A small decorative element in the same theme. I reproduced it on an 8x10 inch poster and used a frame I already had. A poster that can be kept as a digital souvenir in the future, along with the other photos of his birthday. Accompanying the farm animal figures, the poster was the focal point of the decor.

Otherwise, you don't need to have a talent in drawing necessarily, think of using the material you have in your hands, cardboard or paper, fabric, wood, jute thread, colored cords to make some small items. . Several ideas are to be discovered while surfing the internets.

If your child is older, he could even make the small decorations with you, a good way to have a good time, have fun making crafts and even introduce your child to reuse, revaluation by giving objects a second life.

Tip # 4 - Use natural elements

For a farmhouse-style decoration for example ...

I placed the decorative elements on the sideboard in front of a living room wall in our open space. The dark wood and rustic appearance of the furniture made the objects in neutral and pale colors stand out. The wooden picture frame with its distressed paint reminiscent of barn wood fitted well with the farm theme. I decorated the table with my dried pampas which can recall the countryside and my mini sansevière to add a touch of greenery. My plant was in a concrete pot (a favorite found at an ETSY show) painted with a touch of gold color and that inspired me for the color of the balloons.

Tip # 5 - When shopping, choose an option recoverable or at least recyclable 

First ask yourself, do I really need it?

The answer is yes?

For example, because I want to go there with a touch of fantasy, I try to decorate as much as possible to avoid objects that will only be used once. So, if possible, exit single-use plastic items. I try to find an option if necessary minimally in cardboard (example straws and the banner of customizable pennants, the latter can be reused in addition).

Ok I do not forget the balloons which bring joy to the hearts of children!

Tip # 6 - Navigate - a little ;-) - on Pinterest

I'm probably not the only one who likes to "scroll" from time to time on Pinterest for inspiration for my designs. For birthday decor ideas, this is a must-have. Almost impossible to run out of inspiration. Whether it is to find the theme of decoration, tips, objects to make yourself. This will make it easier to organize the little party.

Again it is possible to achieve a great result, remaining minimalist and not wasting a lot of time doing something interesting. I believe that beauty is found in the little things. Watchword: Simplicity!

Hoping to have given you some ideas. :)

So, do you like to create little birthday decorations for your or your mini?

See you soon! Xx

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