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Aug 31, 2021

“Don’t grow up little ones.”

On this last day of August, I went with the girls for an improvised ride on Island of Orleans near Quebec City. Along the way, I was lucky enough to notice a large family land and a beautiful field of sunflowers. A sign near the path said in French "Take a picture of me or pick me up" .🌻

Magnifique champ de tournesols

The tall yellow flowers shone with a thousand lights. Their large petals were literally dazzling in the midday sun. The blue sky was dotted with a few clouds. It was particularly hot but the cool breeze reminded us that autumn is slowly approaching. As girls got out of the car, they were so excited. About ten yellow butterflies, some on the ground and others flitting around them greeted us. A magical moment.

Les filles qui courent dans le champ de tournesols


It reminded me that 2 years ago, when Sofia was 2 and a half months old, a little over a month after her release from the hospital, we went as a family to take pictures in the sunflower field in the Cité Agricole which was not yet open to the public. Alycia was barely 20 months old.

Septembre dans un champ de tournesols

Time flies ...

Has anyone ever told you that the hardest part of motherhood is when the kids are growing up? I have no difficulty believing it.

Learn to live in the present moment.

Here and now.

Avoid thinking about the future.

Cultivate wonder

Enfant découvrant les tournesols

Motherhood comes with its share of challenges. It is not always la vie en rose especially being 24 * 7 at home with them while being an entrepreneur. Yes sometimes it is toff, really. However, it's the multitudes of moments like these, in the present moment, that remind me that all is well and that this is the ideal situation, regardless. 

To be a witness of their freedom, their spontaneity, their easy happiness and their capacity for wonder, that fills me with joy and that is enough for me. In fact, it's extraordinary that I can experience all of this with them.

The French writer Louis Pauwels said it loud and clear: “Childhood finds its paradise in the moment. She does not ask for happiness. She is happiness. " 

Cueillette de tournesol

Although the carelessness of childhood disappears as all of us get older, because of the difficulties and worries of everyday life as well as the responsibilities, I still have this capacity for wonder, that resurfaces often. I am very grateful for that. I hope I never lose that. Having said that, my kids help me appreciate it even more.

I am convinced that my artistic sense, my little creative side helps me to capture the finer details and the beauty of life, despite its dark side at times. When things are bad, I prefer to look to the sun….

Meaning of sunflower

The yellow color alone is alive, it provides warmth and dynamism. It is obviously associated with the sun. This luminous color gives it a cheerful aspect. She is beaming.

It is not for nothing that sunflowers refer to the sun. The botanical name of the sunflower, Helianthus comes from the Greek "Helios" which means sun and "Anthos" which means flower. They actually make one think of multitudes of small suns. Moreover, the flower bud turns towards the sun, this is the phenomenon of heliotropism. If you would like to know more and like me you are passionate about gardening, I recommend the article Why does the sunflower follow the sun? of the laidback gardener Larry Hoghson.

Tournesol et optimiste

Sunflowers are a symbol of the optimist. They are the emblem of happiness, positivism and gratitude.

In China, the sunflower symbolizes longevity. 


I've always preferred to see the bright side. This is perhaps why intuitively I have always naturally appreciated this flower and why I find it so inspiring. 

During this improvised road trip at the Island of Orleans, I wanted to make a stop at the The Flavors of L'Isle d'Orléans Farm. I discovered this place some time ago thanks to the Web magazine L'Éclaireuse Qc  which presents the tourist attractions of various regions of Quebec including Ile d'Orleans which does not lack attractions for families and agrotourism. I had seen that the farm had a field of sunflowers and it was an opportunity to show the pretty flowers to the girls.

Unfortunately the flowering was over and the sunflowers dried. I thought we had taken ourselves too late to watch them this season.

Regardless, it allowed us to discover a pretty gourmet farm with beautiful products in Saint-François Village, at the end of the Island. We stopped there for a bite to eat, the girls made a new friend, a very sweet and calm old Labrador dog. 

Prunier et ses fruits

Potager Saveurs de L'isle d'Orléans

Finally, despite the little disappointment at the start, I only remembered the positive of this beautiful place. 

On the way back, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a private land owned by the Pichette family who invited you to stop for a moment in their magnificent flowered field. 🌻 It was possible to pick sunflowers and a voluntary contribution was requested. It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I did not hesitate to leave a little something. I'll probably never get the chance to thank the big-hearted owners in person, but without knowing it they've been creating smiles for me and my daughters.

Finally it was for the best, we brought home a nice bouquet of these sunny flowers.

A bouquet at home

A bouquet of sunflowers has a fairly long lifespan, the strong stems of the flowers allow the bouquet to keep for about 2 to 3 weeks.

These spectacular flowers will brighten up your decor and bring a touch of light. By placing a bouquet of its radiant flowers somewhere in your home, summer will last there for a long time! They will bring you a nice dose of joy, I'm sure! It reminds me that you have to try to bring nature inside your home as much as possible, it feels good and I'll tell you talk about in my article here.

Bouquet de tournesols

Tips to promote their longevity

When the flowers come from the garden, it is better to pick them early in the day and preferably choose flowers that are slightly open. They must be pruned precisely with a clean and sharp knife so that they succeed in absorbing the water in their vase without forgetting to remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem.

The water should not be higher than halfway up. Avoid drafts or direct sunlight. A water change every two days while lightly cutting the stem. If you want all the details, I invite you to read Fleurop's advice in the article right here.

This should allow you to keep it for a while!

Now it remains only to admire ...

The sunflower represented in art

Famous collection ....

There is a world famous still life series painted by painter Vincent Van Gogh of these pretty flowers.

Bouquet nature morte tournesols, Vincent Van Gogh

Photo source: Pixabay

It is certain that this pretty flower will be part of a future collection. I will definitely paint it in watercolors. It is essential. Besides, I don't know why it isn't there yet, I love it with love!

Stay tuned.


Tell me, what do your children teach you the most despite their young age? Otherwise even if you are not a parent, what capacity that you had as a child would you like to find again as an adult and which would promote your well-being?


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