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Aug 26, 2021
In my article biophilia, the key to happiness? , I was telling you about our innate, instinctive need to seek the presence of nature in our lives. It’s not yesterday that we humans have been looking for this fundamental connection. In the past, nature allowed us to survive, adapt and evolve. Contact with her continues to be of great benefit to us even today. For our little ones, nature is essential in order to promote their development and fulfillment.


Mère et son enfant à la plage
Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram


It is for this reason that more and more designers and architects are taking inspiration from biophilic design by reorganization or designing new spaces. This concept is timeless, universal and it is far from being a transitory trend. Today we are more at home than ever with teleworking. As we spend a lot of time indoors, we must take care of our well-being. It's a good idea to keep this in mind when arranging our workspace.


Bureau à domicile qui intégre le design biophilique

 Photo credit: @emiseguin on instagram

Also, have you noticed how instinctively children are attracted to animals? When we think about the decor of the bedroom or the playroom taking this attraction into account, we create a cozy and inviting cocoon for our little ones.


Enfant qui découvre le doux visage d'un chevreuil sur un coussin

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Today, I want to share with you ideas inspired by biophilia to make your home comfortable and a resourceful
for all the members of your family. 



The 5 senses


The ultimate, having a view of nature, whether it is a water expanse, a meadow, the forest or even a single tree to admire. Otherwise, bring in as much natural light as possible indoors. A lot. Open the curtains. Feel the soft rays of the sun warm your cheeks and your heart.

Vue automnale sur île-aux-Coudres , Charlevoix

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Do not hesitate to open the windows even if it is the coldest months of winter to let the fresh air inside your house. Nowadays, most residences are equipped with air exchangers. However, there's nothing like opening the windows every now and then to purify the indoor air and increase your energy level. The draft will bring movement and a fresh smell, what could be more invigorating! My favorite season is fall, to smell the leaves and the humidity even when I'm in the house, it's just nice!

Vue sur la forêt et les couleurs d'automne

Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram


Another idea is to use a oil streamer. Stream some essential oils (organic and ethical) or to use soy candles or  beeswax candles to put a sweet smell or for a good atmosphere. If you have children, however, it is important to pay special attention because some of them are not recommended for toddlers. Moreover, although the products are natural, they should always be used with the greatest care. Must important fact, choose natural and not imitation smells and opt for natural products rather than synthetic, the latter containing more chemicals that will cause more harm than good! 

Bouquet de lavande

Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram

Smart Ideas: Hang a fresh eucalyptus bouquet to your shower head for a feeling of being at the spa and feeling soothed. Before falling asleep, spray a few drops of lavender to your sheets, a feeling of absolute relaxation.



Enjoy fully tasting the foods you eat. When we introduce our kids to new foods, we in turn rediscover them and enjoy them more. Take the time to observe the texture, color and beauty of these foods. It is good for the body and the mind.

Children are not always attract naturally to vegetable, but I believe that if we involve them in a family project like making a garden in our backyard or on our balcony, this battle could be avoided. Children are curious to see vegetables and fruits grow and will be more inclined to taste and enjoy them. So we get in touch with nature and the whole family benefits.

faire un potager en famille récolter des légumes en famille, le plaisir de faire un jardin!Laissons les enfants jouer dans la terre

Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram

Smart ideas:  During the colder months of the year, it's always comforting to enjoy the foods that we have canned, frozen or kept in a cool place.

If you are interested in the idea of making a family garden, I fell in love with the series this summer. It's more than a Garden at Unis.tv.


Integrate natural materials as much as possible into your environment.

I am thinking of textiles made from natural fibers such as linen, cotton, bamboo or hemp. When natural fibers are used for bedding or clothing, they breathe more and are comfortable.

Also, by placing throws here and there with natural fibers such as a soft woolen weave for the chilly days, they will bring a lot of comfort.

Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram

When I designed my duvet cover collection, it was essential that the fabric be natural. My choice fell on natural cotton satin for its softness and comfort. My daughters love it so much flowered rabbit duvet cover!




Open the windows in mild weather. Take the time to enjoy the sound of the rain, the song of the locusts on summer evenings. Let yourself be gently woken up by the song of the birds. Listen and let yourself be lulled by the breath of the wind in the branches and leaves of the trees. If it's winter, why not listen to a nature sounds playlist while taking a relaxing bath, reading or working. An easy way to integrate it into your daily life.

Taking the time to listen to the sounds of nature allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment.


Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram


Interior decoration

Choose colors inspired by the natural world

Prefer walls with natural colors. Neutral hues that evoke the earth, the plant world, air and water. These colors promote relaxation and a feeling of fullness.

Pale walls give the impression of greatness and you feel like you can breathe easier.

Darker colors used sparingly on accent walls make the space warm. As a dark shade, I have a crush on the green Boreal Forest of Sico. What better way to bring a green, refreshing and soothing aspect to our interior. 


Photo credit : @britthavens on instagram

Uses natural and sustainable materials

Favor materials such as wood for furniture and floor coverings, the warm appearance will bring comfort. In Quebec, our forests represent almost half of the total area of the province. A great way to put us in touch as much as possible with the world around us. 

It is possible to find environmentally friendly options on the market, which come from eco-managed forests. 

Wood also has a timeless and zen side. For furnishings, it is always interesting to find beautiful and old pieces that have been recycled and revalued.

I particularly like light wood, for its luminous appearance and the delicate warmth it gives off. It brings a raw and authentic touch.


 Integration of wood into the working environment


Télétravail et bureau de bambou au design biophilique

Photo credit : @cynthiartetc on instagram


Integration of wood in the family room

 Enfant s'amusant avec ses jouets de bois

Photo credit : @emmdesjardinsx on instagram

Add greenery 

It may seem obvious to us, but greening our environment by adding plants and flowers has many benefits. On a small scale, plants help improve the ambient air, but it is above all our mood that benefits! 

Don't you have a green thumb? Never mind, many plants require very little maintenance and can even be forgotten for a while. Sansevières, succulents, cacti, ficus like the elastica variety for example, are not very demanding.

Photo credit: @espace_maude on instagram

I enjoy the meditative aspect of gardening. In the dead of winter, I think it's a good idea to do our own seedlings indoors. Taking care of small green shoots when the snow falls is good for the spirit.


Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram

 Otherwise, in summer or fall why not pick a bouquets of wild flowers or from the garden to enjoy them indoors. Maybe take inspiration from my sunflower bouquet presented in my inspiration article on the sunflower.

Choose frames and accessories reminiscent of nature

Another great idea is to surround yourself with art that represents nature like photos, illustrations or canvas.

Illustration de monstera

Photo credit: @cynthiartetc on instagram

As for the photos they may have been taken by oneself, as long as they are in high resolution. They can then be framed and hung on the wall or printed on canvas.

There is also a nice variety of wall murals with plants, animals or other patterns reminiscent of the curved shapes of nature on the market. The wall stickers in children's rooms can also be easily installed. 

 Garçon s'amusant dans sa chambre de rêve

 Photo credit: fred_and_boys on instagram

Bedding such as sheets, comforters and cushions with representations of the living world are also to be preferred.

Chambre de fille : Literie fleurie et coussin petit lapin

Photo credit: @cathyroy_ on instagram

As we know, children are instinctively interested in animals. Think of the soft toys that children love from an early age and which almost always represent figures from the animal world! 

Inspiration chambre de bébé. Babyroom inspo

Photo credit:  @emmdesjardinsx on instagram


Only keep room for the essentials.

The goal is not to get rid of all your possessions. The important thing is to keep what is really useful or brings joy in our daily life. By freeing up space, we visualize more the elements that we appreciate, such as those which recall nature and which do us good. We will be able to circulate in our environment more fluidly.

Chambre des maîtres épurée et tendance boho

Photo credit: @ mom.quatet on instagram

The fact of decluttering will make room for calm and gentleness, will lighten the mental load. It means less time to pick up and clean. Thus, we have more time to have fun with the family or take a few minutes to rest, look out the window and refocus.

For children, when we declutter toys, we realize how less quickly they are disinterested in them. They benefit more from these and play with each longer.

Another way for adults and children to foster our creativity and feel better. I tell you more about it in the article, Minimalism and decoration.  

Tell me, have you already integrated some ideas inspired by biophilia in your home intuitively and realize that they were doing you good? If so, what are your favorite elements?

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