Choose your furniture according to your values: Local and creative furniture

Sep 17, 2021
Eight years ago I became the owner of a first house with my partner. I've been trying to get my hands on some favorite bedroom furniture for a long time. The budget furniture on the market disappointed me with its poor quality, and those that had a higher price in specialty stores were mostly made of wood veneer. We are very far from the quality and durability of the furniture of our grandparents! Have you made this observation, too?


I am continuing my little story ... Luckily, I finally had the chance to acquire the furniture from my parents. A beautiful set of sturdy wood furniture made in Beauce, Quebec. It was repainted in a forest green color. Although this shade was not trendy at the time, I liked it for its warm and calming appearance. Its color unknowingly agreed with the principle of Biophilia, this idea of bringing nature inside our home to feel good. I talk about this concept and give you some ideas in my article: Take inspiration from biophilia to develop your living environment.


I kept this piece of furniture like this for a while and then decided to repaint it in warm white and change its handles. It was a way to put my personal touch and make it my own. This was my first experience in furniture upgrading. Then I tried the experiment again with a small bookcase from my grandmother, which I repainted and added wallpaper to the bottom.


Now my order is part of my daughter's decor :-)


Commode revalorisée


Environmental awareness

That said, we are fortunately witnessing the emergence of solid wood furniture craftsmen such as the Quebec company. Woodstock & Cie. When our choice is new furniture, it's reassuring to know that there are local manufacturers who care about nature and design sustainable furniture. The founders' approach is aligned with respect for the environment and its preservation. For each piece of furniture sold, the company is now committed to replanting 10 trees!

table de cuisine fabriquée localement en merisier

Photo credit: Woodstock & Cie

Personally, I want to review my consumption habits more and more. I embark on this at my own pace. When possible, I find it motivating to consider options to reuse, recycle, or create things. When I don't have the urge for lack of interest or when I'm unfamiliar with it, I like to turn to the artisans here. I know that if I choose some new furniture, if it has been well designed with top quality materials, I know that one day it can be transformed or upgraded more easily when I need a change.


Minimalist artist at heart

I like to take inspiration from certain trends that I like, but only because they make me vibrate, they are timeless and will last for many years to come. It is important that my living environment represents my personality and especially that of my family, and this involves the choice of furniture.

I have a minimalist approach even if I do not seek to strip myself of everything, but I reflect when I choose more and more carefully the items that enter my home. I talk about this topic in my article, minimalist and deco.


Supposed option: The revaluation of furniture

Are you interested in unique, original and quality furniture? It’s a great idea to get started on an old furniture makeover to have beautiful pieces that will decorate your cocoon. There are many vintage pieces of furniture to be discovered that are still in good condition or in need of a little love. With the DIY (Do it yourself) trend, you will not lack inspiration while browsing Pinterest and by visiting decoration blogs. It is of course enough to start on a good basis and follow a few recommendations. The site dawn design is a real gold mine to support you in this project. Its creator Tania will know how to transmit her passion to you.

Revalorisation de meuble avec peinture chalkpaint

Photo credit: Dawn design on instagram

Also, be aware that summer and fall are a good time to visit flea markets and second-hand shops. Also don’t forget the classifieds that are full of treasures, almost free. More and more people are thinking about decluttering when they no longer need certain things.

Meubles vintage et antiquités à revaloriser

Photo Credit: Cynthia Paquette - Deschambault antiques

An opportunity to save if you have a creative flair, like thoroughness and aren't too pressed for time. 

Unique furniture for the cocoon of our little ones

A talented craftswoman: Lilique Recycle  

Being creative, loving painting and having an interest in beautifying the cozy nest of our children and those of others are similarities that I find between me and Angélique the owner of Lilique recycles.

I don't have her artistic talent for showcasing used furniture and objects as delicately as she does. She recycles vintage furniture to give them a second life with love, thoroughness and originality.

You absolutely must discover his work and if you want to decorate the nursery or the older ones with upgraded furniture. His mission? Thanks to her creations, help young mothers to transform the child's room into a little corner of happiness in a sustainable spirit. 

Here is one of his bedside tables with my Stegosaurus illustration:

Mobilier de chambre pour enfant revalorisé de style scandinave

 Photo credit : Lilique Recycle


In addition, it offers an environmentally friendly solution by giving forgotten furniture a second life. She chooses them for their manufacturing quality and durability. In addition, she chooses the safest and most natural products possible to bring her projects to life.

Originally from the Paris region, she has now lived in Montreal for a few years with her partner and two little boys. Much like me, she quietly discovered her interest in bringing together entrepreneurship and her creative passion during pregnancy.

I find his philosophy of doing something new with the old wonderful.

Does this speak to you too?


I would like to know, for the purchase of furniture do you like to turn to the local purchase? Are you interested in upgraded furniture like those of the craftswoman that I presented to you or do you prefer to do it by yourself?

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